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CBB viewers unimpressed as ‘diva’ Malika asks to leave over porridge

Fans were surprised at Malika’s behaviour.


Malika in the diary room (Channel 5)

Malika in the diary room (Channel 5)

Malika in the diary room (Channel 5)

Celebrity Big Brother viewers turned on Malika Haqq after she had a tantrum over porridge, calling her “a diva”.

The US star asked to leave the Channel 5 show after discovering the housemates were on basic rations of tinned food, sardines, noodles and porridge.

Complaining that she was on a high protein diet and had never even tried porridge, Haqq told Big Brother to start organising her exit, saying: “This is Malika making a decision for Malika.”

Haqq had been popular among fans of the programme, but many were unimpressed by her meltdown.

One person posted on Twitter: “@bbuk #cbbmalika acting like a diva because she has to eat #porridge and tinned food is totally out of order. Does she not realise for many people in the world, that is what their daily food consists of?! #Diva #ignoranceisbliss #BBUK #CBB #CBBBOTS.”

“So there are starving people in the world & Malika is being ungrateful for porridge? Sorry girl, I liked you until tonight. Down in my estimations,” said another.

“#CBB to be fair there are starving people out there… and shes moaning about having a bit of porridge…pfft,” said another.

“Go on then walk!” urged another viewer, while one suggested Haqq went to a food bank to see how people would be grateful for food she had snubbed.

However, the star decided to stay in the house after the departure of her friend Ginuwine.

She felt the singer, her fellow American, would be proud if she stayed.

Wednesday night’s instalment of the reality show also saw Ashley break down in tears following the eviction of her love interest Ginuwine, and Ann Widdecombe, Amanda Barrie and Jess Impiazzi clash in a debate over Brexit.