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CBB viewers unimpressed as Sarah Harding worries about kiss

Fans are not impressed about Sarah Harding puckering up with Chad Johnson.

Celebrity Big Brother viewers have lashed out at Sarah Harding for kissing Chad Johnson despite apparently already having a man in her life.

The former Girls Aloud star told The Sun she was “spoken for” before she entered the reality TV house.

But she was seen locking lips with Johnson in Saturday night’s episode of the Channel 5 programme.

On Sunday night’s show Harding was worried about the kiss and its consequences and insisted it was a “one-off”.

She told Johnson she wanted to “draw a line under what happened”, saying: “At the end of the day, you’re single and I’ve only been dating for four weeks and I just don’t want to hurt someone.”

However, her words did little to appease viewers.

“If you didn’t want to hurt anyone Sarah, you should’ve went into the big brother house single!!” one fan suggested on Twitter.

“Why’s sarah acting like she cares about her outside man after making out with chad 2cm away from a camera just say ur fake and leave,” said another.

One tweeted: “Sarah is embarrassing. Spitting her dummy out because people will judge her for what she’s done? You’ve made your bed.”

Others suggested Harding was revelling in the attention.

“FFS Sarah is so ‘me me me’ she’s set this up to get all the attention and screen time. Bored with it now,” snapped one viewer, while another said the star was “like a puppy dog lapping it all up”.

“Sarah absolutely LOVES the attention. So cringey,” said another.

But some fans defended Harding, saying people should stop being so critical.

“This Chad & Sarah thing is so complicated. They’re just two good people who have caught feelings and don’t know what to do,” said one viewer.


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