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CBB’s Ashley and Ginuwine smooth things over after tiff

Ashley told Ginuwine why she was upset with him.

Celebrity Big Brother’s Ashley James admits she feels “sad” and “hurt” after her blossoming romance with Ginuwine hit a rocky patch.

The pair have been getting closer during their stint in the Channel 5 house, but model Ashley was unimpressed when the US singer started pointing at her and suggesting: “Tonight is the night…”

In a clip shared ahead of Monday night’s episode, Ashley talks things over with fellow housemate Shane Jenek, telling him that things have been frosty between the couple since the incident.

“Not even eye contact,” she says, appearing to wipe her eyes.

“I was just like, ‘Oh I’ll wake up this morning and it’ll all be fine,’ and it’s not.

“But I feel like that coldness is not on me.”

“He’s just kind of flicked a switch,” says Shane.

He then asks Ashley how she is feeling and she says: “Sad, hurt.”

Another clip shows Ashley and Ginuwine discussing their tiff, and Ashley appears to have explained why she was upset.

He tells her: “Don’t ever think that about me again – that hurt my feelings. I didn’t grab you… I don’t do that kind of stuff, are you gonna take that kind of stuff to heart? Come on man…”

When Ashley asks why he did not come to her, he explains: “In my mind I didn’t do anything.”

Ginuwine tells Ashley: “I thought you knew I was playing!”

:: Celebrity Big Brother is on Channel 5 at 9pm.


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