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Chace sheds pounds for dealer role

Chace Crawford has revealed he had to shed pounds for his latest role in Twelve.

The Gossip Girl actor, who plays a drug dealer in the drama, wanted to lose weight so he would look different from preppy boy Nate Archibald in the teen drama.

"I dropped some weight for the character - I just wanted to look unlike I do on the show," he told Entertainment Tonight.

His co-star Curtis '50 Cent' Jackson, who portrays his supplier, also watched the scales during the filming of another film, Things Fall Apart.

"I was on liquids for about nine weeks to achieve the transformation in that project," he revealed.

"Luckily I had internet to use references from Christian Bale in [The] Machinist, [Robert] De Niro in Raging Bull, and Tom Hanks in Philadelphia."


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