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Chain letter sees stars grill stars

Kate Winslet, Andy Serkis and Chris Pratt are just some of the stars who have taken part in a video chain letter where they grill each other with burning questions.

The video was created by Total Film magazine, who asked each star they interviewed to record a question for the next interviewee that they had lined up.

Kicking off the chain of questioning was a giggling Anne Hathaway, who wanted to quiz Kate Winslet on what her favourite breakfast was. Kate replied: "Oh, Annie, she's so sweet," before revealing that it was Eggs Benedict.

Toby Jones was asked which question comes up the most in interviews and said it was whether he was upset that Philip Seymour Hoffman was cast as Truman Capote in a rival project at the same time as he was.

He added that he wasn't, but said: "Usually the answer goes on so long that everyone comes away thinking, 'He really was upset. You can tell, he's created this huge answer.'"

Toby asked Charlize Theron whether she felt trapped by her looks as an actress, to which she responded: " I feel like you wrote down that question for him. Or he's drunk," before going on to talk about what it was like to make the move from modelling to acting.

By far the most excited about his question was Chris Pratt, who squealed: "Really? Andy Serkis has a question for me?" and enthusiastically told all when asked if it was freaky to be surrounded by people in leotards and head-mounted cameras while filming Guardians Of The Galaxy.

Other stars taking part included Marc Webb, Gareth Edwards and James Gunn.


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