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Champion robot Carbide hailed as unstoppable by viewers

Viewers joked that it might take ‘an Act of God’ to stop Carbide.

Robot Wars viewers have said Carbide was the “deserving champion” of the 2017 show and think nothing will be able to stop it in the next series.

The mighty flipper destroyed its competition to win the latest run of the BBC Two programme, eliminating fellow finalist Eruption in under two minutes in the last battle.

Impressed fans are now questioning whether any robot will be able to defeat Carbide in the future.

However, other viewers said they were fed up with the robots crushing their rivals so quickly, saying the power of the robots led to the battles ending too fast.

The next series of the popular programme is starting later this year.

Viewers have urged the BBC to consider making it longer than the current six weeks.

“We need a bigger series next time please. 6 weeks just isn’t enough,” pleaded another.


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