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Chandor: I avoided Redford on set

All Is Lost director JC Chandor has confessed he had to avoid Robert Redford at the beginning of the film's shoot because he didn't want to discuss his character with him.

The 77-year-old actor and filmmaker stars in the big screen drama as a man stranded on a yacht in the middle of the Indian Ocean. Chandor didn't want to give the character too much of a back story because he wanted the audience to see what they wanted in him as the film played out.

The writer and director revealed: "At first he would ask me about back story things, and it was kind of weird because I was having to avoid Robert Redford. I would walk different ways so I didn't see him, and I think after the first week of that, he realised what I was trying to do, which was give the audience space to figure out who he was."

But the Margin Call director revealed he didn't have to adapt his script to suit Redford, as he had found he had to do with some actors in the past.

He said: "The neat thing about casting him was, he was the version of the movie that I had written. Sometimes you have an actor who gets interested in something and you realise you'll have to change things significantly, but he really was that original way I wrote it.

"So it's a very limited back story, but the only things we ever talked about, and I know this seems crazy, but it had to be clear that he wasn't just some crazy person who'd been sailing round the world for 20 years or something. That he was leaving a community, he was leaving a family to go on this adventure.

"And once you realise this is something that is outside of the norm for him, we felt the rest of the biographical information would be learned through his actions.

"And you learn who that character is and by that I mean what kind of a character he had through the way he handles all these challenges.

"So hopefully by the time the third act comes around and the emotional peak is coming in the film, he has become an everyman and you as an audience member, if the film is working for you, have come into his predicament."

:: All Is Lost is in cinemas now.


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