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Charity Shaun set to raise the baaa

Animator Nick Park who created much-loved Shaun the Sheep has joked that he could not afford one of the giant replicas that have have now appeared across Bristol.

The Shaun In The City trail, which is raising money for the city's children's hospital, has seen dozens of colourful sculptures of the famous woolly character scattered across famous landmarks.

Park, who was behind a similar charity effort based on Wallace and Gromit, said he was pleased with the new trail and has high hopes of raising lots of money.

He said: "I love them all. I'm not sure if I can afford to buy one, the first two big Gromits went for £35,000 each, and so it was quite overwhelming for us all at the charity.

"It's amazing just what people have done with them, it's just so creative. We were wondering how can we second the Gromit trail and match that, and I think it does."

There will be 120 life-size sheep available for auction after the summer event, all designed and produced by high-profile artists and designers.

It is expected the total raised will surpass the £2.3 million mark, which was achieved through the auction of the 80 Wallace and Gromit sculptures back in 2013.

With each sheep being given its own personality and character, ranging from "a big ice cream" to "a disco light" the sheep are expected to attract the attention of potential buyers around the world.

Park added: "They are looking so vibrant, there are so many artists that have got involved, and such love and care has been put into each one."


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