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Charles Dance apologises after swearing twice on Good Morning Britain

The actor let two rude words slip on the breakfast programme.

Veteran actor Charles Dance received a ticking off from Good Morning Britain host Kate Garraway for swearing twice on the TV show.

The Game Of Thrones star, 70, was talking about his character, Tywin Lannister, being killed by his on-screen son when he let the first word slip.

“Ungrateful little sod after all I’ve done for him!,” he said.

Moving on to BBC1 genealogy show Who Do You Think You Are?, the former Jewel In The Crown star compounded his error.

“I’m now able to tell my children a bloody sight more about me than I knew,” he said of taking part.

Garraway, 50, gave Dance a gentle telling off, saying: “Even with that amazing voice you can’t keep swearing! We’ll get told off because there’s kids watching!”

The puzzled actor apologised, stating: “Oh really, was I swearing? I’m so sorry.”


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