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Charlize Theron didn't feel a spark

Charlize Theron says she didn't miss the movie world during her three years off.

The Oscar-winning actress stars in Jason Reitman's new film Young Adult, her first on-screen movie role since The Road in 2009.

In between, she prepared to star in Mad Max sequel Fury Road, which was repeatedly delayed and still hasn't been shot, and worked on developing projects with her production company.

But the Monster star said of acting: "I'll be very honest: I wasn't missing it. It's hard to miss something when nothing was kind of sparking that instrument to get excited about."

Charlize, who has split with Irish actor Stuart Townsend after nearly a decade together, plays Mavis Gary, a teen fiction ghost writer who returns to her hometown in rural Minnesota to lure her now-married former boyfriend, in Young Adult.

"Most people who know me who have seen the film are not that shocked," she said. "The film is way more my personality and closer to anything that I've done."

Charlize said of her film roles: "The bizarre thing is that I've always had kind of a sick, twisted sense of humour. But my work, for some reason, has always veered to the dramatic stuff.

"I think that's because I've never really been that driven by genre, but I find that I want to play people that feel real. I do think in comedy it's harder to find non-caricatures.

"I always said that I would love to do something like that kind of comedy that the Coen brothers do, that more character study stuff. And that stuff is hard to come by".


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