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Charlize Theron: Forget 007, I’m creating my own James Bond

The Oscar-winner hopes the brawling British spy Lorraine in upcoming film Atomic Blonde could be her version of James Bond.

Charlize Theron has said she is trying to redefine what is meant by how women fight and is carving out her own James Bond.

The Oscar-winner was being celebrated as a woman who “kicks ass” at Comic-Con San Diego on Saturday.

She was asked in the convention centre packed with 6,500 fans whether she would play 007 after her upcoming film, Atomic Blonde, which sees her portraying brawling British spy Lorraine.

“I think of this character as something that could hopefully live and breathe in the same kind of format. We could actually make a couple more movies,” she said.

She said she is happy to leave Bond to current star Daniel Craig or Idris Elba, the subject of much speculation over the next 007.

“I’m fine with leaving that over to Daniel or to Idris – who I think would be a fricken awesome Bond – and I’ll do Lorraine.”

The audience was shown a sneak preview of Atomic Blonde that shows Theron battling in a scene of gratuitous and unashamed violence typically reserved for men.

The South African said: “I wanted to make this movie and let it be as bad-ass as this and not have anybody come up to us and say, a girl can’t do that. That was important to me.

“I’m here to say, girls can do that.”

She said she only throws one punch in the film and instead employs other tactics, using her environment.

“That’s the reality, I can’t fight the same as a guy can fight but that doesn’t mean that I can fight any less or any less better than a man,” she said at the panel hosted by US magazine Entertainment Weekly.

Theron also said she would reprise the role of Furiosa from Mad Max: Fury Road to find out her back-story.

“I’ll be waiting George (Miller, director) but I’m going to be 42 in August so let’s get to it,” she said.

Theron implored fans to get behind female-led films to help convince Hollywood bosses they are worth making.

“We’re just as good as the guys,” she said. “Plus we have boobs.”

:: Atomic Blonde is released in the UK on August 9.


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