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Chastain bagged Isaac his new role

Jessica Chastain has revealed she helped Oscar Isaac land the role of her husband in A Most Violent Year.

The pair are old friends after attending Juilliard drama school together and play husband and wife in the new drama from acclaimed young director J C Chandor, whose previous work includes All Is Lost and Margin Call.

Jessica revealed at a special Screen Actors Guild screening and Q&A session for the film how she persuaded Chandor to cast Oscar.

"There was another actor attached for a while," she revealed, adding: "But the right actor came on board."

Chandor said: "Jessica started whispering about this guy to me and it was sort of meant to be. She was sort of acting as an agent."

A Most Violent Year tells the story of Abel Morales, an immigrant to the US in 1981 who is struggling to grow his business while being investigated by the FBI and dealing with corrupt competitors.

Jessica plays his hard-as-nails wife, who has a connection to the mob. And the Interstellar star admitted she relished the trashiness of her character, and persuaded the Armani fashion house to loan her all their vintage 80s designs.

She said: "That was some of my favourite stuff to do. I loved the idea of this woman who has all this money and thinks she's so refined, and she in her mind thinks she doesn't have an accent and she's wearing all Armani but her nails are so tacky long. This idea of 'new money'.

"Actually I called someone from Armani and said, 'I'm doing this low budget film and would you be interested in letting me borrow all of your clothes and I'll just wear all Armani. And they did, they opened up their archives in Milan."


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