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Chastain: Liv read my feelings

Jessica Chastain has told of her relief that director Liv Ullmann did not make her face the emotional ending of Miss Julie until it was time to shoot it.

The Oscar-nominated actress stars in the big screen adaptation of Strindberg's play, directed by Norwegian actress and filmmaker Liv, which has premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival.

Jessica revealed: "W e had two weeks before we started shooting of rehearsal, which was fantastic because it was like rehearsing a play.

"She's the most sensitive beautiful director , because as we were getting towards the end of rehearsal, and getting towards the end of the story, I think she could see I just couldn't go there. Emotionally I didn't want to go there.

"So she said, 'You know what, let's not rehearse it.'

"And so we had everything up to the climax in rehearsal and we waited for the film to do that. And most directors wouldn't sense that in an actor, that I just wasn't ready."

Turning to Liv on the red carpet she said: "But thank God for you!"

Liv heaped praise on Jessica in return, saying she was possibly one of the only actors of her generation able to portray her character's feelings through her facial expressions alone.

She said: "It's so good to take a theatre play, translate it into a movie because you can do the theatrics of the theatre but the camera will make it into a movie.

"What she says is not necessarily what her face and what her soul is telling you. And she's one of the few actresses her age who can do it, maybe the only one."


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