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Chastain: Mirren is a goddess!

Jessica Chastain has revealed she was "a little intimidated" meeting her The Debt co-star Dame Helen Mirren.

The actress plays the younger version of Oscar-nominated Dame Helen's character in the spy film, about a Mossad agent's attempt to capture a Nazi.

Jessica told the Daily Mirror: "I thought, 'How on earth am I going to share a role with Helen Mirren, this goddess?'

"She's a Dame and like, amazing. I was a little intimidated hanging out with her. There were moments when I was telling myself, 'OK, speak up. Don't be too shy'.

"But she has a wonderful air about her."

Jessica also admitted she struggled with the fight scenes in the movie.

"Before this film, I hadn't done any action movies, although I did dance training when I was younger and fight scenes are like dance scenes.

"I actually feel bad saying this, but I really did hit my co-star Jesper Christensen. And I think it's still in the film."

:: The Debt is out now.


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