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Chris Packham claims ‘change is coming’ in climate fight

The broadcaster has discussed Extinction Rebellion.

Chris Packham has welcomed the work of Extinction Rebellion (Dominic Lipinski/PA)
Chris Packham has welcomed the work of Extinction Rebellion (Dominic Lipinski/PA)

Chris Packham has said Extinction Rebellion represents a shift in public opinion and “change is coming” in the environmental movement.

The broadcaster has said that the British public are beginning to reconsider issues of climate and conservation.

Packham hopes that the protest movement will form part of a growing push to tackle threats to the environment.

Chris Packham makes a speech on top of a bus stop during the Extinction Rebellion demonstration on Waterloo Bridge in London (Victoria Jones/PA)

Speaking to BBC Wildlife, the Springwatch presenter has said threats he has received for his work show that his opponents cannot win the argument.

He said: “This is part and parcel of what I hope will be a rapidly escalating groundswell, where our more sophisticated, genuinely concerned public think to themselves, ‘they’re making a mess of nature, they’re making a mess of agriculture, we’ve got to start sorting these things out’.

“I think once the ball starts to roll, it will roll quite quickly.

“Within a couple of weeks of the Extinction Rebellion protest starting, Parliament approved a motion to declare a climate and environment emergency. Change is coming.”

Packham has been subjected to threats over his conservation work, and his Wild Justice fight for wildlife.

For this campaigning the broadcaster received threats in the form of dead crows being hung from his gate.

He said: “Those opposed to what we are doing are very unpleasant bullies.

“They’re not people who want a rational discussion in any creative form, they’re people who want to intimidate, bully, suppress, terrorise.

“People who attack me verbally and issue threats are frightened.”

The full interview appears in BBC Wildlife, out now.



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