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Christina Applegate's film 'legacy'

Christina Applegate has said she wants to make movies that are appropriate for her kids to see.

The actress - who recently announced she is expecting her first baby with fiance Martyn Lenoble - explained why she wanted to lend her voice to Cats And Dogs: The Revenge Of Kitty Galore.

"I felt like I wanted to have a legacy of movies that my kids could see because I felt like there's really nothing that I've done that's appropriate for anyone under the age of 18 up to this point, except for a few things," she laughed, speaking in Hollywood.

Christina added: "It's nice to have these movies to show my kids and let them see their mum."

The star revealed her animal-loving mother was also partially responsible for the decision to do the film.

She laughed: "My mum had been in my house, she sneaks in and I have no idea what she does there, but she saw the script on the table. I hadn't read it yet and she wrote on it in big letters, 'You better do this!' and that was because we're animal people."


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