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Christine Bleakley’s M&M story leaves bad taste with ex-Coronation Street star Adam Rickitt

Former Coronation Street star Adam Rickitt has told of his ‘choc horror’ after Christine Bleakley made him out to be a showbiz diva on a TV gameshow.

Daybreak presenter Christine appeared on the TV show Would I Lie To You? when she claimed the actor and singer once made her remove red M&Ms from a bowl when she was working at BBC Northern Ireland.

But Adam is fuming over the claims, saying: “I don’t even eat chocolate.”

TV star Christine, from Newtownards, told the story last year when she appeared on the comedy panel show hosted by Rob Brydon — and the footage has since been posted on the Internet.

In the episode, which was broadcast last September, a grinning Christine told guests Frankie Boyle, Jack Whitehall and Kelvin McKenzie and team captains David Mitchell and Lee Mack of the actor and singer’s demands, known as a rider list.

During the game show, the opposing team guessed the tale was a lie, but Christine won points for her team when she declared it was true.

“I met him when he was a guest on a show in BBC Northern Ireland,” she said.

“I was working behind the scenes which is what I used to do. I was a floor manager. We get rider lists, as it’s called, for big names.”

But Adam, who has just returned to the UK after four years in New Zealand, was shocked when Sunday Life quizzed him about the event and denied it ever happened.

“That’s absolute b******s! I don’t even like chocolate,” he said.

“Was it her who said that? When I was in New Zealand one of the actresses told me about it but I never knew who said it.

“I will hand on heart say that it’s compete and utter rubbish. If I had a rider it would be 20 Marlboro lights and some coffee — that’s basically my rider. I just want cigarettes and coffee and I’m happy!

“This whole M&M story is such bull****. I hate people thinking that I’m showbizzy and want this and that. I’m the most Joe Bloggs normal person in the world.”

Adam was interviewed by Christine last month while she was in the studio and he was reporting from the Conservative Party conference in Birmingham for Daybreak.

But although the TV beauty had been happy to talk about the M&M incident on national television, she never mentioned it to Adam, either on air or off.

Adam added: “You’d think she could have come up with something more original. Isn’t that what they said about the Rolling Stones?”

In 2005 Adam was selected as a potential Conservative MP and the following year also appeared on Question Time as a non-partisan guest.

But while the 32-year-old is not completely ruling out a political career some day, he said that at the moment he wants to encourage young people to take an interest in the issues that affect their lives.

A spokesman for Christine Bleakley said: “She does remember this.

“However she actually added to her answer during the show recording that it probably
wasn’t him and just someone around him taking the mickey a bit.

“That said we don’t know how the show was edited as it obviously wasn’t live.

“Christine absolutely wouldn’t want to have upset Adam as she likes him very much.

“Incidentally she thought he was brilliant on Daybreak and really brightened up the morning when he was on.”

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