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Christine Lampard on husband Frank: I wouldn’t say he’s changed loads of nappies

The couple welcomed a daughter, Patricia, in September last year.

Christine Lampard said Frank had ‘thrown himself’ into fatherhood for a third time (Ian West/PA)
Christine Lampard said Frank had ‘thrown himself’ into fatherhood for a third time (Ian West/PA)

By Alex Green, PA Entertainment Reporter

Christine Lampard has said that her husband Frank has “stepped up” to fatherhood but admitted he does not change “loads” of nappies.

The TV presenter, 40, and her football manager husband, 41, welcomed daughter Patricia, their first child together, in September last year.

Chelsea manager Frank has two daughters from his previous relationship with Spanish model Elen Rivas while Patricia is Christine’s first child.

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Christine said Frank had “thrown himself” into fatherhood for a third time.

She told the Mirror: “It’s an extraordinary job. There is much more to it, I think, than anyone realises. But he’s very, very much thrown himself into it.

“I wouldn’t say he has changed loads of nappies. But he has stepped in and she adores him.

“The second daddy walks in the door, her eyes just light up. She’s getting a curl in her hair like me but she looks more like a mini-Frank.”

She said the key to their relationship is “understanding and patience”.

She added: “In terms of jobs, I understand, hopefully, what comes with his and he gets mine. More than anything, we have a good laugh.

“We still think it’s really important to try and get a night where it’s just him and me going out for a bit.

“I’m not talking fancy stuff, just a pizza or a drink, it never is fancy stuff for us. It is just basic, simple things. We actually have a conversation and I think that’s really important.”



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