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Christoph Waltz to play Gorbachev

Christoph Waltz is to play former Russian leader Mikhail Gorbachev in drama Reykjavik.

The Inglourious Basterds actor will star opposite Michael Douglas as Ronald Reagan in the film about the famous 1986 meeting between the two world leaders amid the threat of nuclear war, The Hollywood Reporter has revealed.

Reykjavik, which has been written by Kevin Hood, is set in 1986, when Reagan and Gorbachev went to the Icelandic capital to work out a peace deal, following the tragic backdrop of Chernobyl.

Ridley Scott was previously attached to direct, but will now produce, and Four Weddings And A Funeral's Mike Newell has taken over the helm.

Mike said: "I feel very fortunate to have two such masters to portray the men who brought about the end of the third great war of the 20th Century.

"Reagan and Gorbachev were two of the most significant politicians and individuals of their time. I'm very excited to see how each of these great actors gets to grips with their role as the history-changing giants we remember them to have been."

Ridley added: "The film will offer the viewer a unique look into two larger than life figures - Reagan and Gorbachev - who served as the catalysts for one of the most defining moments in our history, the end of the cold war."

He said he was excited "not only by the story and the incredible cast" but also by the "larger issue this film tackles that impacts all of us - non-proliferation and the abolishment of nuclear weapons."

The film is due to begin shooting in March 2013.


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