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Christopher Eccleston: I hope the NHS is now protected against political ‘threats’

He said that keeping healthy is helping him through lockdown.


Christopher Eccleston (Ian West/PA)

Christopher Eccleston (Ian West/PA)

Christopher Eccleston (Ian West/PA)

TV star Christopher Eccleston has said he hopes the NHS will no longer be a “political football” following the coronavirus pandemic.

The ex-Doctor Who actor, 56, said there should be “no more threats to the NHS”.

Eccleston told TV show Lorraine: “I’m hoping now… that the world has changed, the NHS will no longer be a political football for any of the parties and that it is protected because it is the greatest expression of Britain we have.

“It’s our nation’s conscience and now it is saving our lives and a lot of people are doing it without protective equipment.”

Eccleston spoke a day after Prime Minister Boris Johnson thanked NHS staff for saving his life.

Asked how he was coping with lockdown, Eccleston said that keeping healthy was helping.

But the actor added: “If I was in a tower block without a back garden I don’t know how I’d handle it.”

He told the ITV show: “Exercise has helped me. I’ve cut down on the booze… because I’m thinking if I can protect my immune system… my aim is to be able to handle it without going to hospital.”

He added: “If I can keep myself away from the NHS, if somebody older… needs a bed they’d get the bed.”