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Chung: I never met Sin City cast

Jamie Chung has revealed she never met any of the rest of the cast of Sin City 2, as everyone filmed their scenes separately.

The Believe star is excited to be joining Jessica Alba, Bruce Willis, Rosario Dawson others in Robert Rodriguez's sequel to his hit 2005 film noir, Sin City: A Dame To Kill For.

But Jamie revealed: "Robert Rodriguez is so eclectic and the way he works with actors is so unique in terms of having an actor for a week at a time and shooting them out, so we never really work with any other actors, we're just later on super imposed into the same scene which is so crazy."

She added: "It's been so many years [since the first Sin City movie], the first one blew my mind and at the time it was like a visionary conquest. It was the best of the best and no one thought that a movie can look like that. So to be a part of the second Sin City, I really think people are in for a treat in terms of watching a visual masterpiece. I'm really excited."

The 30-year-old actress also recently worked with her fiance Bryan Greenberg on his new movie A Year And Change.

She revealed: "I just did a small little cameo, it's his movie. It's really sweet."

Brian proposed to Jamie in December and she is busy planning her wedding.

She said: "Oh man! We gave ourselves plenty of time. We're giving ourselves about a year and half to plan. And all my friends are getting married this year and next year, I'm kind of at that age where we're all dropping like flies. So we have some time."


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