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Ciaran Hinds pays tribute to young actor


Ciaran Hinds

Ciaran Hinds

Ciaran Hinds

Veteran Irish actor Ciaran Hinds last night paid tribute to rising young star Colin O'Donoghue at the European premiere of the supernatural thriller The Rite.

The Belfast actor (57) said Mr O'Donoghue's meteoric rise is due to a combination of genuine talent, hard work and fate.

“I just came over to support Colin. I think he's a terrific actor,” he said at Dublin's Savoy cinema last night.

The 30-year-old actor from Drogheda is touted as the next Colin Farrell following his film debut, playing alongside Hollywood legend Sir Anthony Hopkins, who has described his work as “extraordinary”.

And according to Mr Hinds, who has a minor role as a priest in the film, the handsome young Louth man is a genuine talent. “It's really Colin's film,” he added.

The film opens on February 25.

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