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City changes name for Spurlock film

Morgan Spurlock has revealed that a city is changing its name to the title of his latest film for 60 days to make some money.

The US city of Altoona will become POM Wonderful Presents: The Greatest Movie Ever Sold, after the latest film by the documentary maker.

The city is changing its name for 60 days to make some money for its police department, and to help Spurlock make a point about the proliferation of advertising in American life.

He'll be in the city for the East Coast premiere of the film, which opened far more conventionally in Los Angeles last week.

Spurlock, who gained more than 20 pounds by eating nothing but McDonald's food for a month in his 2004 film Super Size Me, paid the city 25,000 US dollars to rename itself after his movie to underscore its message.

"We live in a place and a time when it seems like everything is brought to you by some sponsor," Spurlock said. "It starts to become this question of, 'Where does it end?'"

Local resident Jeff Tauber, 53, said he had read about the city's name change in the paper.

"I remember when I first read about it thinking, 'I'm not wild about that name' - but the more I thought about it, I kind of like it," he said.

But the name change is ceremonial - meaning people won't have to address mail using the movie's title.


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