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Claflin and Haddock's work dream

Sam Claflin and Laura Haddock have revealed their dream is to star opposite one another one day.

The young celebrity couple - currently starring on TV, Sam in drama White Heat and Laura in period show Upstairs Downstairs - admitted they would love to find a job where they can work together.

Sam said: "That is the dream really, to be able to have that time spent together on set and off set."

Laura added: "We read each other's scripts all the time and Sam's like 'Oooh that's a good part, I'd like to do this', and I do the same thing."

The pair admit it can be tough working away on location, but they feel it helps keep their relationship fresh.

Sam said: "It's tough but we've been quite lucky actually I think, the majority of work that I've done since we've been together has been in England."

The Inbetweeners Movie star Laura said: "Also when you're away from each other, you get to miss each other and that's always a good thing otherwise you'd just get sick of each other!"

Sam joked: "It means I get to play on my computer games and not get hassled!"

Pirates Of The Caribbean star Sam next appears in Hollywood blockbuster Snow White And The Hunstman with Kristen Stewart, which fortunately was filmed in Wales, not in Hollywood.

He revealed: "The prince is more of a bow and arrow Robin Hood wannabe, so I had to get quite good. It was an amazing opportunity to do a bit of the sword play, the horse riding and everything, it was like a school boy's dream."


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