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Claflin wants to co-star with wife

Sam Claflin has revealed he and his actress wife Laura Haddock are "desperate" to work together.

The Hunger Games actor and The Inbetweeners Movie actress, who tied the knot last year after dating since 2011, are keeping their eyes open for the right project so they can unite on screen.

Sam, 27, said: "I think we're both desperate to work with one another."

The actor explained that as the couple are both actors they have a good understanding of each other's careers.

"We're huge supporters of each other's work and we constantly help each other learn lines, and with auditions," he said.

"Even if I'm across the world, we'll go over lines on Skype. We're hugely supportive and that's our dream [to work together]. That's how we met, at an audition room, and we're trying to find the right thing."

Sam played Finnick Odair in The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, and will reprise the role in the sequels Mockingjay Part I and Part II, and can currently be seen in creepy new Hammer horror flick The Quiet Ones.

But he admitted he is still overwhelmed by the success he's had.

"It's still something I'm trying to let sink in," he said. "Everything has happened so quickly, I haven't had the chance to sit down and go, 'Wow. What's just happened?'."

He went on: "It's important to me that I do keep working. And luckily, so far, that has been the case. I know that overnight that luck can change. Fingers crossed, let's keep moving forward."

:: The Quiet Ones is in cinemas now.


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