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Cleese: I can't sing for toffee

John Cleese has revealed he was once banned from singing on stage, despite starring in a musical.

The Monty Python star - who appeared on Broadway in musical Cambridge Circus in 1964 and Half A Sixpence in 1965 - claimed he has a terrible voice.

"I can't sing for toffee - I was once in a Broadway musical and I was forbidden to sing. I had to mime," he admitted.

"I'm not an accomplished entertainer. I am appalling at dancing and any sort of physical movement, I'm not a very good straight actor. But I am good technically with my voice."

John lends his vocal talents to British jet Bulldog in Disney animation Planes, which is released on August 16.

"What's so nice about getting a good animated film is that the process of putting the voice down is very unstressful," he continued.

"It's almost playful because there's no time pressure on it - you take as long as it takes and by the end of it, you've done so many takes that it's not possible that the producers would use a bad one. It's an immensely enjoyable process."

The Fawlty Towers star previously voiced a role in animation Shrek, and confessed he was taken aback when he saw his character King Harold, because he had expected him to bear more resemblance to himself.

"I had no idea what he would look like, you often don't. When I was doing Shrek, I was very surprised when I saw what the king looked like because he didn't look anything remotely like me at all. You often have unconscious expectations," he added.


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