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Clement delved deep for Rio role

Jemaine Clement has joked that showing his character's sensitive side in Rio 2 wasn't easy.

The Flight Of The Conchords funnyman reprises his voice role as evil sulphur-crested cockatoo Nigel in Carlos Saldanha's animated sequel.

"He's in a bad way. He's had a rough time since Rio 1," he explained. "He went through a propeller and lost his feathers and his ability to fly. It's psychologically been very damaging."

The New Zealand actor dead-panned: "It's a very hard role. I didn't know if I could go there but I went there."

Jemaine, who also appears in Muppets Most Wanted, revealed he cannot resist making faces while he is in the recording studio, despite his vocal talents only being on show.

"I don't find it awkward, but when I did radio adverts, you do characters and you put on the face. I try not to but then, you just can't do it," the 40-year-old said.

"I used to turn the lights off so no one could see me, and have a little light on my script so that nobody could see me (pulling faces). Fortunately, I can't see people watching me and they are only listening, so I probably do go for it.

"They film you, so it's OK for me to do a stupid face because they won't use it. But I haven't seen the tapes yet," he added.

Anne Hathaway, Jesse Eisenberg, Bruno Mars, and Jamie Foxx also voice characters in Rio 2, which is in cinemas now.


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