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Clint Eastwood refused to change Hereafter script

Clint Eastwood refused to change even a word of the script for his latest movie as he was convinced it was perfect.

The veteran star directed Hereafter, which is about the way death affects several characters. It was written by Peter Morgan – who also penned Frost/Nixon and The Queen – and stars Matt Damon as a former psychic who can communicate with the dead.

Peter still can’t believe Clint wanted to make the movie, revealing he wasn’t sure of the script when he first showed it to the 80-year-old. “The idea this would end up with Clint Eastwood and Matt Damon was just preposterous,” he explained.

“I kept saying, 'Please can we change a few words? Can't we work on it a bit?' And he said, 'No - I want to shoot it just as it is.'”

Peter was amazed by how personable Clint was, and how easy he was to work with. The star has won multiple Oscars for his previous films, and Peter was pleasantly surprised by his “modesty, honesty and integrity”.

In Hereafter, the issue of death is paramount. The characters start to consider their own mortality, and are confronted by natural disasters, but Peter insists he wasn’t seeking to shock with the plot – which includes a bombing on public transport.

“We are living at a time where attacks are random and sudden and have no boundaries and explanation,” he told the BBC News website. “I wanted to write something that meant I could come to grips with the fact death was something I had to live with on a daily basis.”

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