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Clooney: Bullock's just a friend

George Clooney says he will never date his Gravity co-star Sandra Bullock.

The pair appeared together on the red carpet at their movie's New York City premiere.

Heartthrob George, 52, told E! News that the Oscar-winner, 49, was a friend of "more than 20 years".

Asked why they had never got together in the past, he said: "She was dating one of my best friends.

"There's a certain bro code, you know what I mean? I've known her a long, long time."

George said of The Blind Side star, who donned an asymetrical white minidress and black and white heels: "She looks beautiful, doesn't she?"

Asked what he wanted in a woman, the actor, who has split from wrestler Stacy Keibler and was recently reported to have reunited with ex-girlfriend and Croatian model Monika Jakisic, replied: "I don't know what qualities I would look for."

The pair play two astronauts stranded in space in the film directed by Alfonso Cuaron.


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