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Clooney: Directing can take ages

George Clooney has said that despite his passion for directing, acting will remain his day job.

The Oscar-winning star - who appears in Sideways director Alexander Payne's new comedy The Descendants - has gone behind the camera for several films, including the critically acclaimed Good Night And Good Luck, but admitted it's a time-consuming process.

"My career path for the last 10 years or so has been to direct, but directing takes a long time to get one done, it can take a while. So my day job is acting, that's how I make my living and directing is what I really want to do and what I really enjoy doing, " he revealed.

"In between those, if I'm lucky to have Alexander or Steven Soderbergh or the Coen brothers or Jason Reitman or Tony Gilroy or really good directors around, then I'm lucky, and that's what I want to do."

George, 50, added: "If your name is on it above the title you have to actually pay attention more to not just your part but to the film, so that was part of it, I got a good couple of lessons with some not great films and then I realised if I'm going to be held responsible then I'm going to pay attention to the films, and that's when things changed.

"I had a good run with Out Of Sight, Three Kings, O Brother, Where Art Thou? where it was like 'I get it, I've got to work with really good filmmakers and really good screenplays' and that makes a big difference."


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