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Clooney 'hopes to direct more'

George Clooney has revealed he will focus increasingly on directing, claiming it's become more difficult to find roles as he gets older.

The heartthrob star, 50, said on-screen opportunities were drying up as he aged and he needed to look at other outlets.

George has won great acclaim for his directing career, including an Academy Award nomination for Good Night And Good Luck.

Speaking at the BFI London Film Festival he said: "Hopefully, the trend is towards directing more because as we all know, the older you get, the less and less roles there are to play. And I want to be part of this business for a long time. I probably will soon. You get old, so you have to do other things."

His comments echo the sentiments of many actresses who have complained that it becomes harder to find suitable roles as they mature.

George spoke as he promoted new film The Descendants, one of two movies in which he stars which are being screened at this year's festival.

His film The Ides Of March - which he also directed, co-wrote and produced - was screened on Wednesday night.

The star, who became famous for playing Doug Ross in medical drama ER, said his four experiences behind the camera had helped hone his performances on screen.

"I've been directing for around 10 years and producing for a while longer, so I now think in terms of what the director needs," he added.

:: The Descendants is due for UK release in January


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