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Close: Albert Nobbs cast 'spot on'

Glenn Close has said her role in new drama Albert Nobbs has been one of the hardest parts she's taken on.

The Fatal Attraction star plays a woman who masquerades as a male butler to land a job in 19th century Dublin - a character she first played almost three decades ago.

"As an actor it was incredibly challenging, it's the hardest part," she admitted.

"I played it originally on stage 29 years ago, kind of at the beginning of my career, and it was challenging then. It's more challenging on film because film gets right into somebody's face, theatre's all wide shot but film is incredibly intimate so to have somebody who basically is invisible, what does that face look like in film?

"I loved the challenge of it but I've always believed in the story, as bizarre as it is there's something incredibly powerful about it and I always thought it would make a great movie."

Promoting the film at the Toronto Film Festival, Glenn, 64, said its stellar cast worked well together.

"We have Mia Wasikowska and Aaron Johnson who are phenomenal, but we have some of the greats, Brendan Gleeson and Brenda Fricker and Pauline Collins and Janet McTeer - an amazing company of actors, everybody is spot on and it's thrilling when that happens. Rare, but thrilling."


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