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Coen brothers planning musical

The Coen brothers have revealed they are hard at work on a "musical comedy".

The Oscar-winning filmmakers - siblings Joel and Ethan - have just unveiled folk music comedy drama Inside Llewyn Davis, and are already planning another musical film.

Discussing Inside Llewyn Davis, Joel told Vulture it was "as close to a full-blown musical as we would make".

Ethan then revealed: "But one of the two things we're writing right now, it's not a musical per se ..."

Joel added: "...but it has what might be considered more traditional musical numbers."

"It's a musical comedy," explained Ethan of the project, which would be set around an opera.

The other film they are working on is set in ancient Rome.

Ethan recently said in an interview: "It's big. We're interested in the big questions."

Inside Llewyn Davis stars Oscar Isaac, Justin Timberlake and Carey Mulligan and follows a talented but struggling folk singer from Greenwich Village in 1961.


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