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Colin Firth blasts US film censors

Colin Firth has hit out at American film censors for giving The King's Speech an R rating.

The Motion Picture Association of America gave the Oscar-tipped film the rating, which stands for restricted, because of its colourful language.

But Colin, who portrays King George VI in the period drama, told the Daily Mail: "That puts it in the category of sickening screen violence. As our director Tom Hooper pointed out, a 12-year-old can see Daniel Craig being tortured and having his b******s crushed in a Bond film but they can't go and see me say the F word in a film where its use couldn't be in a more humane context."

The monarch is helped to overcome his stammer by Lionel Logue, an unconventional speech therapist played by Geoffrey Rush, who also gets him to swear.

"They're words used in context to help a man heal. They're not insulting anybody, they're not used viciously, they're not used in a sexual context. They're a string of naughty words," Colin explained.

"This is a man who has a moment of exhilarating freedom through these forbidden words and he's immediately rather sheepish about it."

He added: "I don't mind my kids seeing that. I've taken them to Arsenal, for heaven's sake! I don't relish my own kids hearing those words. I don't want them to say them, and I'm not one of those people that's free about it. But don't tell me it's OK to see people dismembered or tortured instead."


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