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Colin Firth cast in Railway Man

Colin Firth has been cast as a real-life torture victim in World War II drama The Railway Man.

The Oscar-winner will play the lead in the adaptation of Eric Lomax's best-selling account of his torture during the building of the Death Railway in the war.

Colin has described the film, which is being directed by Jonathan Teplitzky and written by Frank Cottrell Boyce and Andy Paterson, as "an extraordinary story".

Filming, which begins in February next year, will take place in the UK, Australia and Thailand, but Colin said it would not be like a holiday for him.

He joked: "I'm being tortured most of the time so I don't know if it's quite the holiday I've dreamt of, I've never been to Thailand and I think being thrashed in a cage might be somebody's idea of a great holiday but it's not mine."

He added: "It's an extraordinary story, it's about somebody who went through the experience of the Death Railway on the River Kwai and it's a true account of somebody's attempt to come to terms with it."

Colin can next be seen on screen in Tomas Alfredson's film adaptation of John Le Carre's Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy.


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