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Colin Firth celebrates turning 50

Colin Firth has celebrated turning 50 at the Toronto International Film Festival.

At the premiere of his new movie The King's Speech, fans serenaded the actor with a chorus of "Happy Birthday".

The British star admitted he was getting used to marking the occasion whilst in Canada.

"It's about the ninth here in a row!" he laughed.

"My birthday and Toronto always tend to happen at the same time of year, it's always a pleasure but it's always here!" he said.

Colin has been winning critical praise for his performance as a stammering King George VI who was reluctantly pushed on to the throne after the 1936 abdication crisis.

"I don't always speak so eloquently and I think we all have that moment when things seize up," Colin explained.

"Drying on stage is one of every actors great terrors and it's happened to me, it's not too difficult to draw from an experience like that," he admitted.

"I start to stutter when I talk about it!" he joked.


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