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Colin Firth: Playing the King was agony

Colin Firth says filming The King’s Speech left him with strange pains in his arm.

The 50-year-old star has been attracting rave reviews for his portrayal of Britain’s King George VI in the film, winning a Golden Globe last week and heavily tipped to win an Oscar nomination. The story follows the King’s days in power as he leads his country despite having to overcome a stammer. Following intensive work with a speech therapist, King George manages to conquer the ailment.

Colin revealed that having to put on a stammer for filming did strange things to his body, often leaving him in intense pain.

“I ended up with headaches after filming certain scenes. Acting with a stutter is not exactly a freeing thing. After finishing the final scene where he broadcasts the speech, I ended up with a curious pinched-nerve sensation in my left arm. After doing several takes I must have been tensing my body in a peculiar way because I came away with headaches and a numbness in my arm which has never happened to me before on a film,” he told British newspaper The Sunday Express.

The King’s Speech also stars Helena Bonham Carter and Geoffrey Rush.

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