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Colin: Kissing Kate was tricky

Colin Farrell has admitted it wasn't easy filming a love scene with Kate Beckinsale - because her director husband was behind the camera.

The Intermission star plays the lead role of Douglas Quaid in Len Wiseman's Total Recall remake, with Kate - aka Mrs Wiseman - as his love interest.

Colin, who apparently briefly dated Kate before she married Len, told The Telegraph: "Kissing her was a bit tricky because you don't kiss another man's woman when he's looking.

"It was one of the most uncomfortable days I've had on a film set and I'm so glad we didn't get past first base in the script."

He added: "Not that Len was worried, but there was a certain anxiousness in his voice when he shouted 'Cut'."

Colin admitted he had some concerns about reprising the iconic role made famous by Arnold Schwarzenegger.

"I was dubious. But although the characters exist within the same story frame and are battling with the same conceptual elements they're very different characters, and for me that was a relief.

"It meant I didn't have to worry about stepping into Arnold's size 16 shoes and I could just go and create the character from scratch."

:: Total Recall is released on August 29.


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