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Collette still has first day nerves

Toni Collette has said she still suffers from first-day nerves when she starts a new film.

The Muriel's Wedding star admitted to feeling anxious about meeting new co-stars and trying out characters for the first time, even after plenty of experience in the industry.

She said: "I get nervous on the first day of a film, just because it's a new bunch of people and it's the first time you're really trying out a character.

"All the thoughts you've had about a character suddenly have to become practical. Not only that, but everyone's watching you and it has to be filmed!"

Toni, who stars in the film adaptation of Nick Hornby's A Long Way Down, said she had been close to turning her back on acting in the past but was glad she hadn't.

She said: "There was a time where I was like, 'Uggh!' and I wrestled with [acting] a bit. But now it's so much fun. It keeps me interested, open and awake, and makes me someone who continues to learn.

"You can't be an actor and be shut down. You've got to be open. You've got to be in touch with your emotions and yourself. I appreciate that aspect of it."

She added: "When Muriel's Wedding was made, I was so in love with the process that I didn't even contemplate the fact there would be an audience.

"So when I was at Cannes, it was quite overwhelming to stand there in front of a few thousand people, receiving their response.

"To be honest, that's still what I take away from it. It's the process and the experience of making it, and the people you work with and your character. Every film is very different because it's different energy, different people."

:: A Long Way Down is released in cinemas on Friday, March 21.


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