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Coltrane sees Boyhood on screen

Ellar Coltrane has described what it was like to be the star of film Boyhood, which spanned 12 years of his childhood.

The actor was cast in the film when he was six, which follows the same boy from the age of five to 18, and explained that the character Mason was fictional despite being influenced by his own personality as he grew up.

He said of coming to the end of the project which was written and directed by Richard Linklater: "The process was very dear to me, so it was bittersweet to finish it and realise we weren't going to get to hang out any more. We're all still friends and watching it is a kind of indescribable experience, but it's very meaningful to me."

Ellar said he had never been tempted to drop out when he became a teenager: "I never really had a reason to not want to do it. During those years if anything I was just apathetic. I didn't appreciate it as much as I wish I had, but I got over that."

He added that because the audience get to see him grow up, it often makes them feel more connected to him: "It's lovely to get that familiarity and warmth from people. I see a lot of people that are in films are treated so impersonally by fans or people who liked their work, and I don't get that, people are very personal and genuine with me, which is great."

The film also stars Patricia Arquette and Ethan Hawke as Mason's parents and Ellar said he had grown close to them over the years.

He explained: "They're lovely people and great to work with. Not just them, it was everyone, the crew, and Rick has been very much a mentor to me and my development as becoming whatever kind of artist I'm going to become.

"On the set we were very much a family - we spent a lot of years together so we bonded inevitably, and it was bittersweet to see it come to an end."

Boyhood is released in cinemas on July 11.


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