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Comedian stages ‘protest’ over new BBC show

Luke McQueen quipped he was being ‘publicly shamed’ by the corporation.

Comedian Luke McQueen drummed up publicity for his new show, by asking viewers not to watch it.

He staged a “protest” outside New Broadcasting House at the BBC’s plan to air the programme, which “did not go to plan”.

McQueen quipped: “I am professional comedian Luke McQueen and I’m asking you not to watch The Luke McQueen Pilots!

Comedian Luke McQueen asks Jeremy Vine to sign his petition at his mock protest (Andrew Matthews/PA)

“I tried to make something good, it didn’t work out. Now I’m being publicly shamed by the BBC.

“I will be taking this up with the BBC Trust but in the meantime, I urge people not to watch the show on iPlayer.”

The comic tries his hand at presenting an investigative documentary, a comedy travelogue and a reality dating format in his new show.

Ruby Kuraishe, BBC commissioning editor joked: “If people actually watch these there might be more, but don’t hold your breath.”

The Luke McQueen Pilots will air on the online channel BBC Three in September.


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