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Connelly: Strange filming with Paul

Jennifer Connelly has admitted being directed by her husband Paul Bettany was "kind of strange".

The couple worked together on the drama Shelter, Paul's directorial debut, and the actress confessed that although it was a great experience it was different to what she had expected.

She told DuJour magazine: "It was kind of strange, going to work in the morning with the director.

"But it really seemed to come quite naturally to him - phew - and it was an amazing experience to have had together."

Jennifer, who also stars in Darren Aronofsky's Noah, said the reality of working with Paul was different to how she had imagined it would be.

"I had this fantasy that we'd talk about scenes all day," said the 43-year-old, who plays a homeless woman.

"In reality, if the man sat down, there was a line of people wanting to talk to him. Since we moved so quickly, I think he felt his wife was the least of his worries."

Paul and Jennifer met on the set of the Oscar-winning drama A Beautiful Mind and were married in 2003.

The couple have three children, two of their own and one from the actress' previous relationship.


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