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Connolly breaks leg on Entourage

Kevin Connolly has broken his leg in two places while shooting the film version of Entourage.

The actor had the accident while playing football on set, but carried on filming his scenes even after being bandaged up, according to E!.

He posted a photo of his bandaged leg and swollen foot to Instagram, showing off the injury he sustained while playing football with Seattle Seahawks quaterback Russell Wilson who makes a cameo in one scene.

Kevin told E! it was "a bad break doing a scene. I'm on the mend," but apparently has carried on shooting the big screen adaptation of the HBO series while on crutches so that the schedule doesn't fall behind.

Mr Selfridge star Jeremy Piven is also back for the Entourage film as super agent Ari Gold.

He said: "I think for the people that watch the series and are fans, I think they're going to be really satisfied because everyone's back, and we picked up where we left off, and then we have incredible cameos."

Jeremy added that the film was so funny some scenes had even stopped the paparazzi in their tracks: "I look out of the corner of my eye and the paparazzi are laughing. The fact that they've let their cameras down for even a second to laugh means we're onto something."


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