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Coogan: Look Of Love got too sad

Steve Coogan has revealed his new film The Look Of Love got so sad they had to try and "put more joy into it".

The Alan Partridge star plays porn baron and strip club owner Paul Raymond in the film directed by Michael Winterbottom, which follows his relationships with the three women in his life, his wife, his mistress and his daughter.

Raymond lived in a hedonistic whirl of sex, drugs, parties and naked women. But he lost his wife and girlfriend as they tired of his endless philandering, and his drug-addict daughter died of a heroin overdose.

Steve said: "We wanted to avoid it just being titillation. Literally and metaphorically, titillation. Because there's a lot of titillation in it.

"But then, in actual fact, what rapidly became our concern was that it was too dark and too sad. So we had to try and put a bit more joy into it, actually.

"We wanted to show there's an element of fun to it, but inevitably there's a sort of Faustian pact that he makes with the devil by just purely pursuing this unhindered hedonism."

The film is packed with cameos from famous faces of British comedy, including David Walliams, Matt Lucas, Chris Addison, Simon Bird, Stephen Fry and Miles Jupp.

But 47-year-old Coogan warned: "If people are expecting a Carry On film, they'll be disappointed. It's funny but it has a sort of bleakness to it."

Having made a name for himself in Britain, the actor ventured to Hollywood in the early noughties, but more recently he has been focusing his work on home soil.

He said of the film: "It's a very British story. It's not American. It doesn't pander to the Americans. I like the fact that it celebrates both the good and bad of what's quite an interesting part of British life."


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