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Coogan: Partridge can send you mad

Steve Coogan has admitted that there have been times when he has found himself behaving like his alter-ego Alan Partridge.

Local radio DJ Alan is back in the first film, Alan Partridge: Alpha Papa, to star the character.

And the comic actor revealed Alan started to take over his life, saying: "I often found myself thinking 'what would Alan say about this?'

"You start having conversations in your head - but that's good because that's how you come up with ideas. I did find myself muttering on the train as Alan and suddenly realising that people were looking at me, though."

He said: "Alan is a funny character for 90 minutes, but if you spend seven weeks constantly being him, always stuck in a room with him - imagine that.

"It does send you a bit crazy. Plus, filming was very intensive, I was shooting scenes, then running back up to the writing room to work on scenes."

:: Alan Partridge: Alpha Papa is released on August 7.


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