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Cooper: Need For Speed is dream job

Dominic Cooper has revealed that starring in Need For Speed was a dream come true.

The British actor, who plays Dino Brewster in the big-screen adaptation of the hit racing game, admitted Tom Selleck as private investigator Thomas Magnum in Magnum PI was an inspiration.

"This was one of those ridiculous jobs, what I've always dreamed of," he said.

"Watching Magnum, as a child, driving his Ferrari 308GTS around, thinking, 'Please one day, allow that to happen', and then to be driving all those incredible super-cars was a dream."

Dominic, who did many of the stunts himself because director Scott Waugh didn't want to use computer-generated imagery (CGI) or green screen, admitted being in the car with a stuntman was scary.

"A lot of the time, we were in those cars whether we were driving them or not and there was an elaborate way where they drove the cars when we were in them from above. I've never been more terrified in my life," he said.

" The acting that we had to do, more than anything, was to try and look really calm and cool like a racing driver, while actually being petrified and not having any control over anything. That was the challenge but it was a lot of fun."

The 35-year-old revealed he would have liked to do more of his own tricks.

"You're expecting to do possibly much more stunt work and the driving than you are ultimately allowed to do, so sometimes you'd be sitting at the sidelines going, 'But I want to be driving that car at 200mph'. But obviously they are not going to let their actors to do that. For that reason, those moments were a bit frustrating," he said.

:: Need For Speed opens in cinemas on March 12.


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