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Cooper's shaved head was a turn-off

Dominic Cooper has told how he was turned down for a film role because he looked like "a thug".

The Devil's Double star, 33, said that director Stephen Frears was right to reject the actor for the part.

He told Living South magazine: "He just didn't like the look of me, I was completely wrong.

"I did turn up with a shaved head for a foppish character that he wanted in his film and I looked like a thug from his local."

The Mamma Mia! and Captain America star later went on to work with the director in Tamara Drewe.

But he said of their initial encounter when he auditioned unsuccessfully: "I argued with him. I'd travelled so far... I grabbed his computer off him and did some Google searches and didn't find one image of myself with foppish hair.

"So he was right and I was wrong. I left and didn't get the part."


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