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Cooper's sigh of Hangover relief

Bradley Cooper has admitted he felt "utter relief" when he realised The Hangover Part II was even better than the first.

The actor says after reading the script he then felt "excitement because I got to work with these guys again and that it was set in Bangkok".

Fans of the original appear to have given the movie a thumbs-up, with the film breaking box office records in the US.

Setting the sequel in Thailand was the stroke of genius, according to Bradley.

"We benefited tremendously from it," he said. "First of all the food is great, the people are wonderful, but just in terms of the movie aspect it was invaluable."

"We couldn't wait to get there to just allow whatever process was going to happen to us to be caught on camera, the way Vegas helped us out in the first movie."

The actor insists all of the cast's comedy gems made the final cut.

"The DVD extra out-takes are pretty short because most of what lives in the movie is exactly what we did whilst shooting it, there's not a lot of fat trimmed at all," he said.


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