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Coppola wants to see 'live cinema'

Francis Ford Coppola has predicted that the future of the movies could involve live cinema.

The Godfather director believes the digital age means films can be presented live to audiences in some way, reported Deadline.

Speaking at a Producer's Guild conference in the US, he said: "The cinema can be composed for the audience while they're seeing it. Movies no longer have to be set in stone and can be interpreted for an audience."

Coppola said while film has always been a recorded medium, live cinema remixes might be "30 per cent pre-recorded as the actors do it live".

The 75-year-old explained that a movie could be customised for its viewers.

"Live cinema could be like live theatre," he said. "Streaming will be broadcasting."

The Oscar-winner, who is writing a story about an Italian-American family, hinted it's a project he might even tackle himself.

"Maybe I should put my money where my mouth is and do it live," he said.


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