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Corbijn: Actors the biggest divas

Anton Corbijn has said he finds actors are usually much bigger divas than musicians.

The photographer and filmmaker has worked with a huge number of stars from the worlds of music and film, but said that he generally found musicians a little bit easier.

Asked which stars were the bigger divas, he answered: "Oh actors; there's more insecurity. Musicians tend to have a good sense of who they are because they tend to write their own material; they dress themselves. They are artists looking for something, whereas [with] actors it's a very different art form.

"They impersonate a character; they bring a character to life and they can be amazing at that, but when it comes to themselves, it's all about the looks. If you look at a lot of magazines these days, it's all about looks. That's what sells, but for me the magic in the photography of musicians... you always find a different kind of beauty.

"That's why I photographed so few women and models in the beginning because I never knew what to do with 'obvious beauty'."

Anton also spoke about two huge stars that he had had no problems with on his films - George Clooney for The American and the late Philip Seymour Hoffman for A Most Wanted Man.

He said George had been keen to take charge sometimes: "Yeah, of course there were moments like that, and he was the producer on the film - I was a very 'beginning' director, whereas he had a lot of experience. It was great. For action stuff and some other places in the film, he had really great advice.

"But sometimes I had a totally different opinion... but he did actually say 'You're right' most of the time anyway."

Anton said of Philip: "He was such an incredible actor, the character was kind of formed after the first day on set. I met him 11 months before we were going to shoot and we talked quite a bit about the character.

"He was very anxious to get the accent right for him playing a German; it was his first European role. He'd been in a European film before, The Talented Mr Ripley, but he'd played an American in that, so it was quite a thing for him as well to play a European person and he looked at how other movies tackle this issue.

"When we had done a scene, when he wasn't sure, instead of playback and looking at the stuff, sometimes he would listen to it, because that was of great concern to him, [to make it] believable."

:: A Most Wanted Man is out now on DVD and Blu-ray.


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